Do you wonder how to launch a standout brand? In this second Rude Growth podcast, Ronnie Teja tells us how he did exactly that.

Ronnie Teja emerged from unemployment to create his own company with its own branded watch line. He talked with me about creating the lineup of Branzio Watches when we met up in Bali recently. It’s apparent throughout our interview that he is a character and is full of life.

He talks frankly about how he went from a 9 – 5 occupation to losing his job. While unemployed, he took a sizable risk by starting a company, putting all his efforts into it.

Ronnie Teja’s drive and zest for life that is evident when he speaks are what has taken him from a new entrepreneur to a recognized name on the nomad scene. He launched the lineup of Branzio Watches while running a software reselling company and hasn’t looked back since.

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