The third installment of The Rude Growth Podcast sees us joined by Harvey of Dorset Hemp Co. to discuss everything about the UK’s growing CBD industry. Over the course of 28 minutes, we cover a wide range of topics surrounding the CBD sector, drawing on real experiences gained from the Dorset Hemp Co. story. Subjects discussed, include;

  • The success of Dorset Hemp Co.
  • The current state of the UK’s CBD industry
  • Medicinal benefits of marijuana.
  • Changing perceptions among consumers.
  • Marketing challenges for CBD companies.
  • Future expectations in relation to legalised cannabis.

Harvey explains why companies like Dorset Hemp Co. have gained popularity and recognition are interesting for CBD enthusiasts, business owners, and anyone that’s intrigued by an industry that has seemingly appeared overnight – although, as Harvey details, that isn’t quite an accurate belief.

The cannabis conversation extends to discussing the growing competition, issues it can pose, and need for compliance for the sake of companies and consumers alike. Complex situations are discussed in an honest but digestible manner, providing value for everyone, from casual enthusiasts to serious businesses.

Harvey states: “We’re in the CBD market because we know that it helps people,” and this episode of The Rude Growth Podcast sets to provide valuable information for all interested parties. The section on marketing CBD is a particularly insightful discussion.