Before launching your CBD Store, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether to choose Shopify or WordPress as your website platform.

There has been a massive gap since the last episode of The Rude Growth Podcast, this has coincided with less time being spent mixing with other digital nomads. In this time, things have certainly improved with Cude Design having a strong foothold in the CBD Oil industry.

While in partial lockdown in Bangkok (sorry for the odd motorcycle in the podcast), it felt like a great time to start producing a regular podcast series covering some of our most-read blog posts for CBD start-ups.

We kick things off in this series outlining the pros and cons of choosing either Shopify or WordPress to build your CBD Oil store. It is one of the first big decisions you need to make before launching online!

You can read more about this subject by clicking here and visiting our Cude Design. This podcast also coincides with the launch of our own start-up guide available on both Amazon Kindle and paperback. Head to to pick up your copy. It is a collection of our most popular blog posts to create ‘The Ultimate CBD Oil Business Start-Up Guide’.